Monday, December 12, 2011

Glenn Beck Prefers Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich

I don't pretend to be a huge Glenn Beck fan.  In fact, I thought that Jon Stewart's impersonation of Glenn Beck on a segment of the Daily Show a while back was hilarious:

But there is no doubt that Glenn Beck has a large, dedicated following. So I certainly don't mind that he recently stated that he would support Ron Paul as a third party candidate over Newt Gingrich. And Beck isn't the only guy in the conservative media that is vehemently opposed to Newt Gingrich as nominee.  Michael Savage offered Newt $1 million to drop out and goes on to provide a very damning list of Newt's sins against conservatives and the Grand Old Party.

Things might be starting to get bad for old Newt.  Remember, the previous anti-Romney front-runners (Bachmann, Perry and Cain) shared a shelf-life of about 1 month. So Newt's popularity might run out before the Iowa caucus.  If so, Ron Paul might end up running away with it and acting as Mitt's main competition for the nomination. If Ron Paul does start gaining some of the front-runner support that Newt has now, chances are he'll keep it.  Once you support Ron Paul, you generally don't stop supporting him. That's just the nature of the Ron Paul Revolution.

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